Nominations for Induction into the ACWHF

If you submitted a nominee in prior years who was not selected, you may submit them again:

  • DEADLINE: OCTOBER 15, 2019 (NO extensions)

The nominees for induction are selected from the following fields: Posthumous awards may be made for outstanding contributions to Atlantic County women at the discretion of the Nomination Committee.

Download   ACWHF Nomination Form

  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Athletics
  • Business
  • Education
  • Entrepreneur
  • Government/Public Service
  • Journalism/Media
  • Law

Eligibility: A woman who is or has been a resident of Atlantic County for at least 10 years, or whose place of business or employment has been in Atlantic County for at least 10 years and,  whose contribution was made in Atlantic County.

The nominee will be categorized as either a pioneer or an innovator in her field, not necessarily the first in that field.


Candidates will be selected on the following basis:

  1. A woman whose contribution has enhanced the lives of other women.
  2. A woman who, through her work and commitment, has "cleared a path" for other women to follow.


Living recipients who are physically able must be willing to serve as mentors in the community on a continuing basis under the guidance of the Atlantic County Women's Hall of Fame (ACWHF) education committee.

  • Literature
  • Medicine/Health
  • Philanthropy
  • Public Safety
  • Religion
  • Science
  • Social Services
  • Volunteerism

NOTE: Submitting a name through the nomination form does NOT guarantee that the individual will be among the final, approved nominees, nor that she will be inducted. The form only represents your recommendation.

Instructions For Submitting Nominations:

Entries will not be returned. Please retain a copy for your records. The form may be duplicated for additional nominations. Only nomination forms accompanied by a one (1) page resume will be considered for judging.

The nomination form for the Atlantic County Women's Hall of Fame may be used by individuals or groups to nominate notable Atlantic County women. Please read the categories and their descriptions closely before returning the form. Nominations will NOT be considered unless a category has been designated on the form. Only one category per submission should be designated.

Submission DEADLINE is: October 15, 2019